4-Month Intensive Cohort

Social Media Campaigns — Strategic Cohort

You’ll learn essential strategies for running an impactful social media campaign. We’ll also equip you with templates, introduce you to the latest tools, and tips. 2 live sessions per month and peer learning.

Sessions start March 5th


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What you’ll learn:

Social Strategy

We’ll cut through the buzz words and empty metrics to talk about real social strategy for organizations of all sizes. 

Campaign Strategy

Likes and Retweets are important but sustaining a campaign is a whole other strategy. This cohort is all about developing long term campaign strategy. 

Creative Strategy

Essential to good social strategy is creative planning and content that engages. We’ll cover lessons learned, approaches, and strategies you can use. 

Templates and Planning

You’ll receive a variety of planning, engagement, and calendaring templates and a real strategy for implementing them.

About the Instructor

Brad (Schenck) Caldana is a leading digital and engagement strategist for nonprofits and political campaigns. He’s been driving engagement via the internet for over a decade and the author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.”

Important roles he’s held: President Obama’s 2012 Training Director and battleground state digital strategy, Digital Strategy for the Democratic National Committee, Digital Strategy for the Obama-Biden 2012 Inaugural team, founding Digital Strategist for Organizing for Action, CREDO SuperPAC Digital Strategy, Head of Engagement for Vote.org, Rainforest Action Network Digital Engagement Director, and dozens of other campaigns and international nonprofits.


More guest Instructors coming

Cohort Sessions

This cohort will include 8 sessions over 4 months.

Session #1

March 5th 3ET / 12 PT

Platform framework

      • Platforms Overview
      • Assessing Your Platforms
      • Platform Strategy

Session #2

March 19th 3ET / 12 PT

Campaign Planning

      • Campaign Strategy
      • Research Points
      • Planning Template

Session #3

April 2nd 3ET / 12 PT

Architect of Conversation

      • What is an Architect of Conversation

      • Architect strategy in Campaigns

      • Applying the Strategy

Session #4

April 16th 3ET / 12 PT

Campaign Narrative

      • Defining Campaign Narrative
      • Building a Narrative in story
      • Sustaining Narrative and Story

Session #5

May 7th 3ET / 12 PT

Cross channel content strategy

      • Cross channel strategy

      • Channels and Characters

      • Positive campaign reinforcement

Session #6

May 21st 3ET / 12 PT

Video and Creative Design Strategy

      • Video and creative in social campaigns

      • Essential video tips

      • Essential creative tips

Session #7

June 4th 3ET / 12 PT

Organic Content & Digital Ads

      • Organic and digital ads interplay

      • Message testing with ads

      • How organic boosts ads

Session #8

June 18th 3ET / 12 PT

Feedback and Review Cycles

      • Setting feedback milestones

      • Creating feedback loops

      • Campaign debrief

This cohort is great for:

Digital Leadership

This cohort will equip you with the strategy to manage real social media campaigns. If you’re a digital leader without a deep background in complex social media strategy this is for you.

Social Managers

Many people working in social have a great hunch for content. We’ll help you expand your strategy for sustained campaigns.

New Social Staff

If you are a staffer or volunteer leader just getting started with strategic social media this course is for you. 

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