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When I was starting out there wasn’t a system for digital strategy, we were learning as we went. But everyone figuring it out isn’t a good way to scale social change. That’s why we’ve compiled the Essentials Pack and made it Free to help you scale your organization’s digital strategy

Brad (Schenck) Caldana

Author of The Digital Plan & Founder of Center for Digital Strategy

What’s included?

The Digital Project Planning Blueprint aka The Digital Plan. This is a trusted digital planning template used by organizations around the world. 

An overview lesson talking about the essentials of Digital Strategy with Brad Caldana. Author of The Digital Plan who has trained thousands in digital for nonprofits and campaigns.

Every organization should have a content calendar. This is a training and template to help your organization get a calendaring strategy down and simple template to use. 

Essential to building a digital strategy over time is the use of strategic tags in your CRM or database. This training and template will get you started on the right path.

Part of digital success is efficient and effective templates. This on-demand class includes 3 templates for email planning and check listing.

Similar to the email templates this is a quick and effective blog template your can implement quickly.

You also get…


Access to the 7 templates in the Essentials Pack and new resources add throughout the year.

On-Demand Training Videos

The Essentials Pack includes 6 core on-demand classes.

New Releases

We often offer special Free online classes each month you’ll have access to.


You’ll get special beta-launch discounts on live and self-paced courses.

Why is it free?

Those of us working on classes, courses, and resources at The Digital Plan have been in your shoes. We want to see you succeed and make sure that the full paid membership isn’t a barrier to your success. That’s why we created this Essentials Pack for you!

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