4-Week Live Course

Managing Google Grant Ads


Google Ad grants is a free $10K in search advertising a month. But spending all that money and using your grant effectively – while keeping in line with Google’s ever-changing rules – can seem like another fulltime job. In this course, learn everything you need to know to efficiently manage your ads and get the most out of your monthly $10K. In four sessions, an experienced Google Ads Grant manager takes you through how to research keywords, write compelling ads, track conversions, and create effective landing pages.


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What you’ll learn:

Leverage FREE money to meet goals

Too many orgs get the Google Ads grant but don’t spend all the money or use it to impact their goals. This course will make sure you aren’t one of them. In this course, learn how your nonprofit can effectively use your AdWords budget to drive real outcomes — not just traffic — on your website

Google Ads Grant Strategy

Google Ads is different from other types of advertising. It relies on users actively looking for information — not just spotting it in their Facebook feed. In this class, you learn how to research keywords and tie your content to what users are already searching for.

Write Ads that Get Clicks

Get tips for writing compelling ads that make viewers want to click.

About the Instructor

Emily Patterson runs Bee Measure, an agency that helps clients use data to create more effective web content, social media outreach and digital marketing. Drawing on her experience at Public Broadcasting Service and Better Business Bureau, Emily started Bee Measure in 2016 specifically to help nonprofits and government agencies.

Emily is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional. She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in journalism and the University of Virginia with a graduate certificate in digital marketing. Emily lives in Charlottesville, Va. with her husband where she enjoys camping, skiing and sampling the area’s many breweries.

Course Sessions

This course will include 4 sessions over 4 weeks.

Session #1

September 23rd 4ET / 1 PT

Introduction to search advertising

      • Google Grant basics: know the rules and how to apply
      • What you need to know before setting up a new Google Ads campaign
      • Picking a strategy: Deciding how to best use your ad grant

Session #2

September 30th 4ET / 1 PT

Picking keywords

      • Understanding search advertising and what that means for advertisers
      • How to do keyword research using free tools
      • How to optimize your keywords to reach more searchers

Session #3

October 7th 4ET / 1 PT

Writing ads that get clicks

      • How to write ads that a get people to click
      • Using ad extensions to drive traffic to other parts of your site

Session #4

October 14th 4ET / 1 PT

Landing pages and conversion tracking 

      • What happens after users click on your ads? Tips for creating an effective landing page.
      • How to track if your ads are actually working.

This course is great for:

Digital Leadership

If your ready to add Google Ad Grants to your arsenal but don’t know where to start this is for. Get ready to add this to your organization’s engagement and fundraising strategy. 

Development & digital staff

You don’t have to be a manager to make Google Ad Grants work for your organization. Wherever you are coming into this work you can learn to leverage grants.

Any staffers

You don’t need to be working in digital or development specifically. With a little knowledge, anyone can leverage Google Ads Grants to make an impact. 

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