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Essentials of Compelling Email

Learn the essential concepts of creating compelling emails to move your audience, create better engagement, and get the change in the world you need. 

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What you’ll learn:

The Anatomy of an email

Like all good writing, email has its own unique structure for captivating and engaging readers. Sneak peek… the heart bone is connected to the action bone.

Using Emotional Tone for Engagement

You’ll learn the essentials of using positive and negative framing, tapping emotion and the five sense, and more to use engagement for compelling people to action.

Crafting Engaging Subject lines

After this course you’ll have the basics in your tool box to craft more compelling subject lines all the way down to the preview text.

Body Copy and Images

At the essential level once someone has opened your email compelling copy and imagery is core to engagement. You’ll get templates and worksheets to help you work through this as you develop your skills and program. 

About the Instructor

Christopher Burley is a Denver-based communications and online mobilization consultant whose current work includes digital organizing in support of Democratic candidates for state and local political races and content development and strategic assistance for progressive nonprofit and labor groups. Chris previously held senior roles with Care2, Women Thrive Worldwide, and Defenders of Wildlife. He was also state digital director in New Mexico for the Obama 2012 campaign.

Course Details

This is a self-paced 7 lesson course

Lesson #1

Course Overview

Module 1: Why Email Matters

Module 2: Essential Elements of Compelling Email

Module 3: Incorporating the Essentials in You Email Body Copy

    Lesson #2

    Finding Your Audience

    Module 1: Appeal Goals

    Module 2: Theory of Change

    Module 3: Audience Interest and Influence

    Exercise: Identify the Audience for Your Appeal


    Lesson #3

    Emotional Tone

    Module 1: Emotion’s role in Decision-Making

    Module 2: Emotion and the Five Human Senses

    Module 3: Positive and Negative Framing

    Module 4: Emotion in Subject Lines

    Module 5: Emotion in Images


    Lesson #4 & 5

    Crafting a Subject Line

    Module 1: Essential Ingredients to a Subject Line Solution

    Module 2: Demonstrating Relevance to the Reader

    Module 3: Communicating Urgency

    Module 4: Evoking Emotion

    Module 5: Conveying a Call to Action

    Preview Text

    Module 1: Preview Text 101


    Lesson #6


    Module 1: Importance of Engaging Images

    Module 2: What Makes an Image Engaging?

    Module 3: Example Discussion


    Lesson #7

    Email Body Copy

    Module 1: Logical Persuasion

    Module 2: Applying Appeal Essentials to Your Email’s Body Copy

    Module 3: Tips to Get Started

    Module 4: Making Emails Scannable

    Module 5: Concise, Compelling Writing for Email

    Worksheet: Structuring Your Email
    Worksheet: Email Appeal Checklist


    The resources & training you’ll get

    When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

    • The Essentials of Compelling Email Course
    • 7 Course Lessons
    • 1 Structuring Your Email Body Worksheet
    • 1 Email Body Copy Checklist
    • 3 Bonus Resources
    • 7 Quizzes (one for each module)

    When you complete the course you’ll also receive:

    • A printable certificate suitable for framing.
    • The ability to list this course on your resume and LinkedIn profile!

    This course is great for:


    Email Writers

    Anyone working for an organization or campaign that needs to write compelling email to drive engagement.



    Anyone working on organizational fundraising knowing what creates an actual compelling email will help your fundraising and planning.



    Great campaigns engage supporters and make them part of the campaign. This course will help you better write or plan compelling email to drive your campaigns.

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