Facilitators Certificate Course

Audience Archetype Workshop Facilitator

Learn the essentials of Audience Archetypes and how to facilitate Audience Archetype workshops for organizations in this 5 lesson self-paced course.


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What you’ll learn:

Essentials of Audience Archetypes

To get you started we’ll make sure you have the essentials of developing and using audience archetypes for engagement.

How to present the essentials

Facilitation is about more than know a topic, it’s a deeper understanding of how to teach that information. 

Guiding and Coaching Creation

Organizations developing audience archetypes takes the ability to coach everyone through the process of discovery and creation.

Distillation and Implementation

Workshopping is only the begining a true facilitator helps guide the distillation of archetypes and guides their implementaion for engagement. 

About the Instructor

Brad (Schenck) Caldana is a leading digital and engagement strategist for nonprofits and political campaigns. He’s been driving engagement via the internet for over a decade and the author of “The Digital Plan — Strategic guidance and planning to: Win political campaigns. Grow nonprofit organizations. Launch projects and meet goals.”

Important roles he’s held: President Obama’s 2012 Training Director and battleground state digital strategy, Digital Strategy for the Democratic National Committee, Digital Strategy for the Obama-Biden 2012 Inaugural team, founding Digital Strategist for Organizing for Action, CREDO SuperPAC Digital Strategy, Head of Engagement for Vote.org, Rainforest Action Network Digital Engagement Director, and dozens of other campaigns and international nonprofits.

Course Details

This is a 5-lesson self-paced course

Lesson #1

How to present the Basics of Audience Archetypes


      • Basics of Audience Archetypes 
      • Why Archetypes are important 
      • Where they appear
      • How to use them in content
      • How to use them creating campaigns
      • Quiz

Lesson #2

Archetype Worksheet breakdown

  • Standard Worksheet 
  • Website Specific Worksheet 
  • Video Specific Worksheet 
  • Quiz


Lesson #3

Workshop phase 1 getting started

  • How to discuss the process 
  • Introducing the worksheets
  • Quiz


Lesson #4

Workshop phase 2 Creation

  • Coaching through creation
  • Facilitating group discussion
  • Quiz


Lesson #5

Workshop phase 3 Distillation

  • After session distillation
    Continued feedback
    Creating a “final” product
  • Quiz


The resources & training you’ll get

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • Audience Archetype Workshop Facilitator Course
  • 5 Course Lessons
  • 3 Audience Archetype templates
  • 1 Workshop agenda template
  • 1 Slide deck for your presentation
  • 5 Quizzes (one for each lesson)

When you complete the course you’ll also receive:

  • A printable certificate suitable for framing.
  • The ability to list this course on your resume and LinkedIn profile!

This course is great for:

Digital Leadership

This course will enable you to run Audience Archetypes workshops for your team or organization as you launch new projects and campaigns.

Agency Staff

The majority of organizations need guidance and support to develop Audience Archetypes. This course will empower you to run workshops for your clients.

Content Staff

Anyone working in content whether it’s video, web content, email, or digital advertising being able to run workshops will help you take your strategy to the next level.

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